We Are Each Someone’s 8 Year Old Boy

This is not written in anger as much as passion and concern. Well. Maybe anger. Sincerity. Yes, I think that’s it.

I started the morning with the news that an 8 yr old boy was killed yesterday, April 15, 2013, at the Boston Marathon, due to an explosion. I further read of the tragedy to the rest of his family. Of course, my thoughts were of sadness and sympathy for the mother and father. Continue reading

Impetuous Babbling Brooks

Like water flowing down a river, I’m impetuous, but at least I’m moving.

This is not necessarily the best time of year to run outside, but it is the most interesting. I have the good fortune to run in the country. Since the Fall season began, each day I have noticed changes. First, of course, is the changing of the colors from greens to golds and reds. Eventually the leaves start to fall, leaving new opportunities for discovery.

Today was a brook. Now I’ve run down the hill along side this brook many times. I think two things made me notice it more this day. The first is that summer roadside foliage had kept it hidden. Secondly, the recent rain had made it louder and more forceful.

And so I stopped, stared, and listened. Continue reading