Magical Motivation From Children

Yesterday evening as I watched my granddaughter, Ella have her bath and play gleefully in the water with the bubbles, I had an epiphany of sorts. Children inherently know, what we forget as adults. Don’t take life or yourself, too seriously. Continue reading


Saying Good-bye

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.  ~Ivy Baker Priest

Recently, I was saying good-bye to a friend and feeling very sad. True to form, however, I tried to put not necessarily a happy spin on the situation, but a more manageable spin. I thought of the good-byes I have experienced and began to think of a good-bye as a “pause”, not an ending. Continue reading

You Make a Difference

Can one person really make a difference? Can you?

“Make a Difference Day”, a national day of doing good, is Saturday, October 22. It’s always the fourth Saturday of October as it has been for 22 years.

It struck me as a bit alarming that we have to have a special day to get people involved in making a difference. Then I thought, well, why not! It is not only a beginning, but an opportunity to reflect on what we have all ready accomplished and what more we can give. You don’t need to have monetary wealth to make a difference. Continue reading

Practice Peace

How is it that some of the most influential people in our lives are not necessarily the ones we love, or even particularly like.

One such person that comes to mind one is a professor I knew. He is from the generation that Tom Brokaw coined the “greatest generation”. If you can get through the bubble of ignorance my former professor lives in you would find he actually is intelligent. To get to that, you have to be willing to ignore his other, not so wonderful traits.

He cuts down religions; races; women; political views;anything that isn’t his opinion or prejudice. I particularly disliked his treatment of women. He would ask the young men in class to agree with him. They would, for the same reason the young women wouldn’t defend themselves. He held the cards to their future. I don’t believe he meant any harm. He would have had to have been aware of a world outside of himself. Continue reading

Seeing with the eyes – believing with the heart

“On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur l’essential est invsible pour les yeux.” – (We see with the heart what is invisible to the eyes.)  The Little Prince.

We are often told “seeing is believing” and it is assumed that what is meant is that we are seeing with our eyes. But if you think about it, this is never true. Think about something you have not seen with your eyes, but you still believe it exists. This is because we have seen it with our heart so we know it’s true. Conversely, we often say “I see it, but I don’t believe it”, because we haven’t felt it.

This is what is happens when we experience “love at first sight”. We gush to whomever will listen, terms of how perfect the new love interest is; so polite; smart or funny and that we fell in love immediately. But we pull up short when someone asks “what do they look like”? Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cookies

Creating the perfect recipe for life is an ongoing experiment. We seemingly create it with little thought to the ingredients; measuring; or how much time we have.

I was thinking of this when making my grandmother’s “secret” peanut butter cookie recipe. I’m pretty sure it’s still a secret, because it carried the penalty of death if you divulged it. And if you knew my grandmother, you’d know no one would challenge her. She’s been gone about 30 years, but she’d still know. Her way of measuring the ingredients was a “pinch of this”, and a “dash of that”.  “Bake until done”. She passed this method on to her daughters, who in turn, passed it down to their daughters and sons. And so it goes. Continue reading