I have always lived in New England. I received my formal education here. I met my husband here and have raised my family here. It may sound boring and uninteresting to you, but New England is pretty varied in its populace and terrain. It has its share of energy and excitement.

I am an entrepreneur and Community Visionary, weaving people and ideas together.

As a social activist, I advocate for the people’s rights to have access to clean air and water and foods of their choosing. I also work on Fair Trade and Direct Trade issues. All of these lead back to work I do with communities, non-profits and other businesses. Always, there is a main theme – empowering and inspiring, because people matter.

My posts will vary in theme. Like me, they will be consistently, inconsistent. Sometimes they will reflect on a pressing issue, reflect on my past, relative to my present, and sometimes just be completely random.

I’ll share events in the life of me and my family and friends. Leave a family-friendly comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Many times my header photos come from my friend’s photography. I invite you to check out his photos http://naturephotosbyfish.shutterfly.com/#%26emid%3dsite_weeklydigest%26cid%3dSHARE3SXXXX


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    • Hi Marlene! It’s true! And we can take pieces of many lessons we’ve learned to other areas of our lives going forward. It sounds like a simple statement, but we tend to forget. Thank you for commenting!

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