Beyond the Bean

Anyone who knows anything about me, knows I love coffee. I love coffee, but not indiscriminately. My new friend sharing in my passion for coffee calls this Soul of the Bean. I call it “beyond the bean”.

Do you have a favorite cup?

Yesterday was a snowday and so it was I found myself working from home. This is not a bad thing. Snowdays in New England often offer respite from the normal hectic schedule which resumes, most often, the very next day! 

This particular morning also offered the rare opportunity to muse over that first cup of the day. Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (organic). It is one of the smoothest coffees I’ve ever had. There’s a hint of fruit (blueberry?) that I think pulls up from the roots of its earthiness. 

And then the finish. Cocoa. I think perhaps it is the finish that grasps me. I have a first reaction of an artist splashing an earthy color of coffee on a clean canvas and as you gaze on it you get sucked in with this warm feeling like a down comforter. That’s what is going on with your taste buds as it blankets your mouth. So you get that fruitiness at the front and the comfort of cocoa at the finish. There is a sense of serenity, one which allows you to envision the coffee grower, satisfied with his crop after a long journey.

Beyond the bean. 

What’s in your cup?