Every morning, get up.

Often you may have heard someone say they want to go sliding into their graves all used up.  Me, however, frequently the one to swim upstream, intends to be squarely planted over my final resting place, with one finger pointing in the air (thank you, Pilates planks!), pleading, “Wait! I have one more thing to do”! Perhaps, one of my favorite bloggers feels the same.

There’s so much to do, I will never run out! Indeed, my son once said “Mom, if you had more time, you’d just think of more things to do”. Probably a true story.

My adventures are varied. No doubt a reflection of my astrological positioning. Although, there is a common thread, I balance my adventure with sensibility. At least, I think I do. Perhaps, not.

My adventures have consisted of:

My first date. 

First kiss. Second kiss. Third kiss. (You get the picture)

Driving my first car, a white Honda Civic hatchback, on the sidewalks of a college campus, which shall remain nameless.

Walking up to a moose and demanding to know what he was doing with my car. True story. (It was dusk and appeared to be a man. Short adventure.)

Swimming with the loons. (Wildlife, not people, although, perhaps, also, people)

Giving a ride to a hitchhiker. Bangor, Maine to Worcester, MA. Wound up dating for several months. (Not a smart adventure today!)

When stopped at a red light in Portland, ME, I got out of my vehicle and gave a bag of my groceries, laden with fresh fruits and veggies, to a man in need of food for he and his family. 

In a restaurant in Freeport, ME, invited someone to have dinner who would have otherwise, been eating alone. Then paid for their dinner.

Every morning I get up.

Rescued our puppy when he fell into the septic tank. In a Maine February. Reached down into the sewerage, up to my elbow and pulled him out. Cuddled him, and with the help of my daughter, washed him up in the bathtub.

Desperate to ski during a winter of which there was little snow, I chose to go to the top of Sugarloaf and ski down the ice. Icicles clung to my goggles and it took me, seemingly half the day.

Being a voice for the invisible and voiceless.

Defending the rights of black people, before civil rights were heard of in Maine. Because race is no reason to deny someone access. I was 12. 

I was driving by an elderly man, mowing his lawn, when I saw him fall off. I stopped and helped. 

Coming home on a trip with my mother, I made yarn flowers. At the toll booth, I gave a bouquet of them to the attendant. Clearly, the days before e-z pass.

I took college classes decades after my first experience with college. Recommended.

College road trips. Also recommended. Shhhh.

When I meet someone I don’t know, I often smile and say hello.


Breakfast at the Farmington Diner. ‘Nugh said.  

Ran for school board and won.

Ran for state representative and was not elected to serve office, but won in the sense I put myself out there.

Back surgery recovery.


Saying “no”.

Saying “yes”.

Saying “I love you”.

Stating my opinion in a room full of people who clearly have an opposing viewpoint. 

Biggest adventure? Marriage and raising children. 

Bucket list? In no particular order:

White water rafting.

Zip line.

Open a cafe.

Ghost hunting.


Visit Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Staying a social justice activist.

Advanced Pilates.

Make new friends.

Every morning, get up.

Clearly my sense of adventure would surprise those who think in terms of rock climbing, trekking through the wilderness, joining the military. I think of adventure as taking a risk. Doing something of which you are not sure of the outcome.  It can be as simple or as complicated as ~ “every morning, get up”.


2 thoughts on “Every morning, get up.

  1. I had to laugh at the first two paragraphs, that is sooo me too! I would usually have 1 more load of laundry, or make the bed or wash a few more dishes before I went anywhere! Yes I agree, life is too short as it is! Be happy, accomplish what you want to do and have no regrets. My bucket list would be a lot different though. I’m not as daring as you are. Although I have gone white water rafting once when I was in my 20’s. We need a few more people like you in the world!!! (insert smiley face here!!!!)

    • We’re great at making lists of work items, not so much the fun things to do and putting them on the “need to” side of the list! Sometimes we have to stop and reevaluate what’s really important! Thanks for the comment!

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