A, B and O

“The heart has reasons that the mind cannot understand” ~ Blaise Pascal

I made lunch and as I cut off the first slice of bread, I was taken back to my childhood. My mother forbade us to cut the bread and make off with the heel as soon as it was out of the oven. Her claim was it would ruin the rest of the loaf for other people’s enjoyment.  Continue reading


A Mother’s Day Journey

I originally titled this “Gifting Dignity – The End of a Journey”. Really, the journey continues through the memories of her and the similarities I see of her in her grandchildren and great-granddaughters.

I don’t remember a beginning of the end of my mother’s earthly journey, we had watched out for each other for so long, it wove into the fabric we shared.  She had a good run for someone who had survived a death sentence several times throughout her 83 years.  Continue reading

Anger Is A Cover Story

(I wrote this some time ago and never published it, thinking it was not the right time. Now, following a shooting at a church in Maryland, the time it seems, is at hand.)

It has been ten days since a gunman, Frank Smith, held hostages at Verso Paper in Jay, Maine. By all accounts, he had an “anger” problem. The media reported whatever they could snatch to make a story, much of which was inaccurate, but hey, they were first with inaccuracy.

I am bothered by the incompleteness of the story. The only media follow-up being the hostages were released and the gunman surrendered. Simple. Of course, had anyone been physically injured I’m sure it would have been covered differently. Violence sells. Tragedy, in general, sells.  Continue reading