Can you help a family in immediate need this Christmas?

I have a friend who needs our help and I am using my blogging voice today to reach out and do what I can.

I know I have lots of friends who have lots of resources. And friends who have friends who have resources.So here’s my story because I believe.

I have a friend who has three young boys ages 4-11. They live in NH and their lives have been turned upside down. A month ago their mom left and two weeks later, my friend’s father died. He came here from another country to make a better life for him and his family. All of the drama happened as he came into finals week at school. He was supposed to graduate in June. He has worked hard to improve his chances for a better life for he and his family. While going to school, he was allowed to live on campus, but couldn’t have his children be there. (He is divorced) But this one morning the kids mom dropped the boys off and didn’t come back. He has spent the last month trying to get services, but he is told there is no help to get him housing or food. He has no income to provide for his boys as he was living off savings and loans to earn his degree. He could have been done in June, now it will take him, perhaps another 4 yrs, if ever, as a single dad. On top of all of this, he has no money to go back home for his father’s funeral. At present, he is staying at my children’s apt while they are here and they have provided him with food. Then what? He is thinking he will go south where he has friends, but still no family, no job, no shelter, no food for he and his boys. I wish he could at least go to his father’s funeral for himself and to support his mother. He has related stories of trying to get services and he waits and waits while mothers are taken before him. And when he finally gets to talk to someone, he is turned away. He can’t even get services for day care for his 4 yr old so that he can go to school.
Single parents know how hard it is to move forward, even when they have support. Imagine how hard it is without any of that. And for those of us who have been blessed with much, it is easy to forget those who don’t.
If he is meant to move on and not stay here to find a job, finish his degree, establish stability for his boys, then I believe what will be will be. But I could not go through Christmas at least trying to do what I could.
“Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers (and sisters), that you do unto me”

Can you help this family? You don’t have to live in NH to reach out to this family.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your help and prayers for this family.

Addendum: It was an 11th hour save, but friends came through and helped this family connect to services. The father and three young boys now have shelter, food and a fighting chance. Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts for this family. A Christmas miracle indeed!


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