Cancer In A Casserole

I didn’t grow up with casseroles. The result is I don’t know how to make a casserole. It looks so easy. Take a bunch of stuff, throw it in a “casserole” dish, and there you go! A casserole!

As a general rule, I love going out to grange suppers because I like especially, the variety of casseroles. But the casserole that never appealed to me is often times a Thanksgiving tradition at many homes across the country. I never had it growing up and that is the tradition I have chosen to continue.

The casserole of which I speak is the green bean casserole. And now, besides the fact it doesn’t look appealing and the ingredient combination baffles my culinary mind, there is a more pressing reason to not have it on my Thanksgiving table. That is if I were to make it in the traditional way. 

“Cancer in a Casserole”. Your basic ingredients are green beans, canned cream of mushroom soup and canned French’s fried onion rings. According to a recent study, many cans are lined with BPA.  BPA is an estrogenic chemical that studies have linked to breast cancer.  A 120-gram serving gives you a big enough dose to give you a measurable health impact. Add other Thanksgiving treats which come from a can, and you’ll be growing a mustache in no time!

But don’t take my word for it. Read further on the study presented by the Breast Cancer Fund. And if you share my concern of BPA and other topics discussed in regard to breast cancer, think about supporting the Breast Cancer Fund. They do good work.

Here are some alternative recipes for making your holiday food with non-can ingredients.  You may not eliminate all canned goods from your holiday table, but one, is better than none. Know your food.

BPA Myths and Facts:

Send word of your concern to can manufacturers this holiday season:


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