Not Going to Age Gracefully, I’m Not

It is often said “youth is wasted on the young”. I disagree. We think of youth as a time, for most of us, for being healthy and physically fit and lots of energy. To those of us, lets say over 50, many view this as being backwards, that we need that intense energy to face the challenges of aging.

First let me state that I think youth is in the eyes of the beholder. I know someone who thought turning 30 was the end of her youth. I suspect at 50 she now regards 30 as youthful. And so it goes as we age, what we were, we often wish we still were.

Life is about stages and we are always, in hindsight, at a stage of youthfulness til the day we die. This is understood by those who truly live. We use the days, weeks, months, and years as times of gleaning. The wisest of us collect wisdom from one day to the next that helps us prepare for the future.

Comparatively speaking, we have more energy when we are in our youngest stages, but this is necessary. Everything we meet is new! We want it all and we want it now. We go from exploring one option, to the next, never quite focusing on where we are, but where we want to be.

As we age we need less frenetic energy.  We have done the major gleaning and now is a time of appreciating what we have accomplished and focusing on our role of passing to the next generation, that which we have gleaned. It is a time of using the energy we have, to hone the things  we have found make up our essential being.

“Ahah” replaces “are we there yet”. We can relate to our essential self. Our “ahah” moments are poignant and memorable because we have slowed down long enough to recognize them. I don’t remember having those moments when I was younger, do you?

So no, energy, as it relates to youthfulness, is not wasted on the young. If that were true, then exponentially speaking, we would have to say energy, as a general rule is being wasted. But we need different concentrations at different times. As for me, I will not age gracefully. I will fight it every step of the way and come sliding into my final resting place at the very last bell with no doubt, energy to spare.

PS I entered “aging” in google images and added “moment” by mistake. It said, do you mean “sagging”? *sigh* Another post, another day.


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