Loneliness. Alone. Solitude.

Washing dishes is a chore from which I seldom shy. There’s something about attacking those microcosms in among the stacks of dirty dishes that I find satisfying. Few chores, can one do and get instant gratification as gazing on a sink of sparkling glass and silverware. I most often do them alone as the respite is quieting and welcome.

I have a friend who is on a new path on her life journey. She says she used to be alone, but not lonely. Now she feels she is both as she processes the end of her marriage. Continue reading


Cancer In A Casserole

I didn’t grow up with casseroles. The result is I don’t know how to make a casserole. It looks so easy. Take a bunch of stuff, throw it in a “casserole” dish, and there you go! A casserole!

As a general rule, I love going out to grange suppers because I like especially, the variety of casseroles. But the casserole that never appealed to me is often times a Thanksgiving tradition at many homes across the country. I never had it growing up and that is the tradition I have chosen to continue. Continue reading

I Spy A Pie

Few things in life are as instantly gratifying as eating pie. My mother used to make a cream cheese pineapple pie that was fabulous and for many years after she died, my girlfriend would make me one for my birthday.  I was always touched by her thoughtfulness. Continue reading

Impetuous Babbling Brooks

Like water flowing down a river, I’m impetuous, but at least I’m moving.

This is not necessarily the best time of year to run outside, but it is the most interesting. I have the good fortune to run in the country. Since the Fall season began, each day I have noticed changes. First, of course, is the changing of the colors from greens to golds and reds. Eventually the leaves start to fall, leaving new opportunities for discovery.

Today was a brook. Now I’ve run down the hill along side this brook many times. I think two things made me notice it more this day. The first is that summer roadside foliage had kept it hidden. Secondly, the recent rain had made it louder and more forceful.

And so I stopped, stared, and listened. Continue reading

Not Going to Age Gracefully, I’m Not

It is often said “youth is wasted on the young”. I disagree. We think of youth as a time, for most of us, for being healthy and physically fit and lots of energy. To those of us, lets say over 50, many view this as being backwards, that we need that intense energy to face the challenges of aging.

First let me state that I think youth is in the eyes of the beholder. I know someone who thought turning 30 was the end of her youth. I suspect at 50 she now regards 30 as youthful. And so it goes as we age, what we were, we often wish we still were. Continue reading

Bread Making101

I made bread today.   Not such a feat for me. I used to make it, regularly. But like many busy parents, I found it easier to buy it from the local grocer.

I  find myself returning to the rituals ingrained in me while growing up in a small, rural Maine community. Control of ingredients and cost are motivating reasons. Other spillover effects are health benefits, fabulous aromas that fill my home, and smiles I see on everyone’s face when they dig in. Continue reading

Sine Nomine

A Facebook friend mentioned a favorite hymn today.  “For All the Saints Who From Their Labors Rest”. I write not about saints, but about the music and it’s lyrics and life’s journey.

The hymn was originally titled “Sine Nomine” which is Latin for “no name”. The composer (Ralph Vaughn Williams) wrote what at first blush seems an awkward composition, but when coupled with the lyrics added later (William Walsham How) the plan is perfect. Continue reading