Looking at the World Through Colored Glasses

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I look at the world through rose-colored glasses. How I receive these comments is in large part skewed by the bearer, as most often they are born by someone who doesn’t know me.

Eyeglasses are personal. We spend a great deal of time picking out just the right ones. Even then we don’t always wear the ones that look best on us. I only have sunglasses, but I have at least a dozen. Each pair suits my mood. I have black, white, brown, tortoise; some adorned with logos, gold, or silver. Some are squarish and some are roundish. Some I wear because I like them, some because someone else likes them on me. There are times the brightness of the sun dictates which I wear.  And sometimes I wear the same pair over and over.

The same might be said of life’s sunglasses.  When we are feeling bright and cheery, it’s easy to wear the rosy ones. You are most often spotted wearing these by people who are not feeling as rosy and are often wearing black ones. You know the kind. The lenses are dark. You can’t see in well and they can’t see out well. The glare of sunshiny personalities perhaps annoys them. Once in a while I wear black ones, but I find that is when I most often trip and make a fool of myself.

Next to pink, I most often wear red ones. Glasses of passion. I hope you do, too! They come in the shape and size of anger or love.

When red is anger, it takes over the goodness of us that could be shining forth. We lash out indiscriminately; often without just cause and little provocation. The lenses are often scratched and/or foggy and we do not see with clarity. I’m not a fan.

When the shape or size of red is love, is this not the best? We bake that new recipe we found on the net. We tell our boss what a great job he did. (Gasp!)We tell someone we love them or give a hug just because. We want to hug the world. We energize and are cheerful and perhaps have consternation over why everyone else isn’t feeling the same. This is a time when we are most into knowing the essential us and our heart does constant flips and flops when it surveys the possibilities, because it’s all possible!

There are many other colors we wear. Perhaps we wear green ones of jealousy. Or blue ones of happiness. Maybe yellow when we are not feeling quite so strong and are fearful.  Whichever ones we wear, we rarely wear the same ones all the time. They become scratched, broken, or our wardrobe changes. Let us not wear them with blinders.  Let us note their limitations. Choose wisely.  Make them a designer original and make us each designers!


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