Creating What You Want

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. (Emerson)

Creating what you want in life requires you to be open to discoveries and  possibilities; open to following life’s natural course; taking steps to blaze your life’s trail. The most successful trail blazers are open to change and ambiguity.

Yet, change and ambiguity invite fear and lack of control, making us wary of stepping forth with confidence. We are naturally resistant; making it harder to follow life’s natural course, which can be rocky and uncertain.

Let go of fear. Fear is your greatest enemy.  The best way of getting around fear is to examine what your goals are in life and be optimistic in the pursuit of those goals. You will encounter failure and successes. Each should be used as resting places while you assess your goals and mission; holding them up to your core values. You may want to make modifications. Be persistent. Anything worth attaining in life usually takes work.

Letting go of fear allows letting go of the need for control. You can’t be creative or flexible if you are focused on control and like fear, it doesn’t allow for growth. It freezes the brain and deadens the senses to creativity and new discoveries. This doesn’t mean you can’t control some elements, but don’t make it a focal point. A friend recently took some steps to further blaze his life’s trail and said he feels like he’s on a “Magical Mystery Tour”. I love that because it gives the feeling of being open to all possibilities and enjoying the experience.

Think positively. Beware of naysayers. They often invite negative energy.  Positive thinking attracts positive energy  and makes for positive results. It allows you to deal with uncertainties and emotional turmoils. You have a greater feeling of physical strength and endurance. It makes you able to face whatever obstacles are put in your path.

Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines; color the sky green and the grass blue. This will expand your universe; ultimately giving you more control, not less. You will be better able to discern when you need to hang on to that control and when you can let it go.

And finally, rest up! Creating what you want requires alot of energy!


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